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January Kit update!!!

The following list shows the current stage of the kits we are producing:

LMS 2P - Apr 2021 start - Pack 1 and 2 complete, Pack 3 due Feb

LMS Jubilee - 1 full kit available

GW Scott/Atlantic - Pack 1,2 and 3 complete, Final pack and boiler due Feb

GW Manor - 90% complete, waiting on final castings

GW Grange - Pack 1, 2 and 3 complete, Final pack and boiler due Feb

GW Scott and grange are now being offered as coal fired kits

Please enquire for further details

GW King - Pack 1 Complete, Pack 2 due Feb

LMS Compound - Pack 1 complete, Pack 2 due Feb

King and Compound are offered as spirit or coal fired kits

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