Kits In Production

Loco kits generally take 12- 18 months to complete
A Deposit will be required to reserve your kit, after which you have a choice of paying 12 monthly instalments, or paying for the loco in full.
If paying by 12 instalments, you should receive a pack after every 3rd instalment

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There is currently a 2 year waiting list for ready to run locos. Once we have completed some of these orders, we will reopen the order books.

Ready to run locos come fully built and tested, with painting and lining in the livery of your choice.

A complete Kit is made up of 4 Packs:

Pack 1: Will always be the tender, or chassis for Tank locos

Pack 2: Chassis etch, laser main frames, bogie/pony and driving wheels, suspension, outside  cylinders and smokebox

Pack 3: Bodywork etch, Boiler wrapper, detail castings and axlepump

Pack 4: Steam fittings, controls, clock valve, burner or coal grate and boiler

* Boilers may be sent in a final pack 5 depending on production time scales*

Static Kits will include the Bodywork, Wheels and detail castings only. No steam parts will be provided.

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The Loco Lamp System

For more information about what is involved in each level of kit, please visit the ' About our kits' page

Full kits in stock

The kits below are fully completed
We request payment in full to receive the full kit, however we will split the kit down into the separate packs if you wish

Postage for full Kits within the UK is around £35

For non-UK postage, please email so we can provide an accurate cost

j65 006
j65 top
j65 underneath
j65 back


Spirit £1,150       x1 available
Static £645         x1 available

A single cylinder tank loco
No soldering required

GW 42xx
42xx back
52xx drg 1
42xx drg 2

42XX and 52XX

Static £1,482

Spirit £2,470

Twin cylinder
Driving wheel Axle pump

GW 72xx
GW72xx fin.jpg


Static £1,604

Spirit £2,674

Twin cylinder
Driving wheel axle pump
Sprung wheels
Length: 448mm over buffers
Weight: 5Kg estimated

GW Prarrie 1
GW Prairie
GW Prairie 2
51x advert 1

GW Prairie

Static £1,424
Spirit £2,374

Twin cylinder
Driving wheel Axle pump

Sprung Axleboxes
Length: xxx mm
Weight: 3.5-4Kg estimated

More Information.....
JUB P1070610
JUB P1070616


difficulty 1.png

Static £1,662
Spirit £2,770              1x available

Twin cylinder
Outside Walshaerts
Driving wheel Axle pump
Length: 647mm
Weight: 5Kg estimated