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Kits In Production

Loco kits generally take 12- 18 months to complete
A Deposit will be required to reserve your kit, after which you have a choice of paying 12 monthly instalments, or paying for the loco in full.
If paying by 12 instalments, you should receive a pack after every 3rd instalment

Scroll down to see full kits in stock!!

There is currently a 12 month waiting list for ready to run locos. The next slot to book is for January 2025. Ready to run locos come fully built and tested, with painting and lining in the livery of your choice.

A complete Kit is made up of 4 Packs:

Pack 1: Will always be the tender, or chassis for Tank locos

Pack 2: Chassis etch, laser main frames, bogie/pony and driving wheels, suspension, outside  cylinders and smokebox

Pack 3: Bodywork etch, Boiler wrapper, detail castings and axlepump

Pack 4: Steam fittings, controls, clack valve, burner or coal grate and boiler

* Boilers may be sent in a final pack 5 depending on production time scales*

Unpowered, Spirit or Coal?

Unpowered Kits:    

These kits contain everything you need to produce a rolling model. All etchings, laser frames, castings and other bodywork details are included, but there are no mechanical details or motor sets to enable the loco to run. These kits are perfect for you to add in your own electrics and radio control. 

Spirit Kits:

These contain everything from the static kit, as well as all the steam fittings, pipework and boiler to produce a meths fired loco.

Coal Fired:

Some of our kits have a large enough boiler to enable coal firing! This kit will contain everything from the static kit, Plus a fire grate, ashpan, pipe fittings and a boiler suitable for coal firing.

Full kits in stock

Fin NS 5
compound 2
compound 06
compound 05
COMP proto3 003
comp OS 4
comp NS 10
compound 1
compound front 3
comp GA 2
comp cab1
compound 02
Fin front 1
Fin Cab 3
Prototype July08 008


Unpowered £1,771
Spirit £2,725

Dual fuel £2,875

Int difficulty 3.png

Twin cylinder
Driving wheel Axle pump

Sprung axleboxes

Outside cylinders
Coal loco is dual fuel, so can run on meths or coal

100% complete

The Loco Lamp System

For more information about what is involved in each level of kit, please visit the 'About our kits' page

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