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Gauge 3 products

For our 40th year of trade, we thought we might try something new!
Having been asked 'why not try Gauge 3?' we decided to give it a go

If you would like any of our other locos rescaled into Gauge 3, Please let us know, and we will see what we can do!

We are currently building a GER J65/E22 loco.

Unpowered Kit £1,353 

Ready to run electric £3,383

Brass etched body and steel mainframes

Castings and fittings

All machining completed

Spirit kit  £2,255 

Ready to run spirit £5,638

Twin cylinder, slip eccentrics

Handpump, axle pump and lubricator

Safety valve, boiler and controls

Electric bundle  £450

Gearbox, motor,controlunit, batteries

This kit is now complete appart from the final Westinghouse pump detail. 


Calling all scratch builders!!

Check out our gauge 3 casting list!


Castings for the dome and safety valve have been produced, alongside the boiler, crank axle, main frames and wheels.

The boiler has been built up and test fitted into the frames before silver soldering.

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