About our kits


Our beginners kit contains a flat etch sheet. We will complete all complicated folds and soldering for you.

The kit will be held together using basic nuts and screws, with sealant used to prevent leaks.

Your task will be to cut out the etched pieces, file all the edges, and emboss the rivets. You will need to drill out and tap all the holes to there correct sizes following the instructions provided.

There may be a few simple 90 degree folds to complete

For example, our 2P Kit comes with its cab roof, smokebox and boiler wrapper pre- formed, while the handpump and meths tank are assembled ready for fitting.

All folds are shown by a half etched line. Your instructions will explain how to fold each part


Beginner kits will have boiler wrappers pre-formed

This shows an example of the flat etch sheet provided with your kit


Our next stage of kit will require some soft and silver solder to be used. Any complex soldering (controls and meths burner) will be completed for you. Components such as the valve chest may be half assembled, but you will be required to insert the `o`rings and lap the valves.

You will also need to cut out and file back the edges of all the parts of the etched sheet, and the kit will be held together by a mixture of screws and solder. Your etchings will be provided as a flat sheet. We may complete folds for you at an extra cost.

The folds in this kit may be more difficult, including rolling the cab roof, smokebox, boiler and firebox wrappers. You may need to make small jigs from round bar to form the footplates.

These kits may also include more detail wires and castings.


The Eccentrics will need assembling onto to the main driving axle

The water gauge will need assembling for coal fired kits


Our Expert kits will be similar to the advanced kits, but include much more fine details, and can be slightly more 'fiddly' to build.

There may be more complex forming on the running boards, and some kits will have added walschaerts valve gear too.


Detail wires can be added to some lubricators

We will be happy to answer all queries about your kit build as you progress. Simply give us a call, or email with a few pictures of what your working on, and we will try our best to fix any issues.