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Gauge 1 accessories

We are putting together 2 kits of each of the items on our accessories page!

Knowing our etchings are taking time to be ordered we are setting up some kits in advance.

This means, by the end of February there will be 2 water towers, 2 turntables, and 6 footbridges ( of varying sizes) as full kits ready to be posted out to you.

Order yours now to avoid disappointment (or a longer wait!) A deposit will be required to reserve your kit.

Once these kits are sold, the wait for etchings will return to 8 weeks after your order has been placed.

For more information on the kits check out our gauge 1 accessories page

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2P Kit Status

Pack 1 (tender) is now complete. This pack will be posted to customers at the end of November Pack 2 will be complete by late February.

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