Manufactures of Gauge 1
Live Steam Locomotive Model kits
and accessories in 10mm scale

Director Mr S.Barrett     Company Reg No. 8391616



This is based on a footbridge at Havant (SR) level crossing near Portsmouth.

It is a design which is found all over the British mainland.  The height was intended for use on platforms, where they where used at track level a plinth was built to stand the main structure upon with additional steps built from brick or timber.

The model has all lattice work etched in brass sheet showing the thickness and rivets at the points where the strips cross. Smoke deflectors are provided with adjustment to allow alignment to the track below.

There are 3 sizes of track the standard measurement between the foot castings are given with the prices.

 For more detail pictures click main photograph.

Kit price  BE408a  2 track version (300mm)    £136

              BE408b  3 track version (375mm)    £150                BE408c 4 track version (540mm)     £168                     Post and packing  UK            add    £16


This Model is the GWR 65’ turntable.It can be mounted at ground level with a slight incline up from the rail level or mounted in a shallow pit.  It is constructed of etched brass.  The planking at the side is varnished ply which if well coated will last well.  A locking facility is provided to ensure the table remains inline with the fixed lines. The forming of the two long centre beams may cause problems, we can do this for you at an extra charge.  For more detail pictures click main photograph.

                    BE404   Standard kit                       £191

                    Kit with formned beams                  £200

                    Post & packing  UK     add             £16


This model is based on the GWR tower which was to be found elsewhere particularly in the BR days.  The height is correct for platform mounting.  Away from the platform is was mounted on a plinth.  It has a central pipe which runs through the main column which can be used to refill the tank.  The crane arm is fitted with water seals which allows it to be swung out to the loco.  The valve is opened by a gentle pull on the chain hanging at the side, allowing the water to run out through the real leather ‘bag’, just like the real thing.  There is also a drain grating and brich surround to catch the scale drips!  Construction is by soft solder and adhesives.  The difficult bit is rolling the conical tower and the drum, this can be done for you at an extra charge.  For more detail pictures click main photograph.

                      BE401   Standard kit                      £88

                      Kit with rolled column & drum        £99

                      Post & Packing UK add                  £7


This kit is made up of whitemetal castings and wooden battens. Only needs to be glued together and painted.

BE417                                 £5.50

Post & packing UK add        £1