Manufactures of Gauge 1
Live Steam Locomotive Model kits
and accessories in 10mm scale

Director Mr S.Barrett     Company Reg No. 8391616

Our Locomotive kits are delivered in four instalments spread over 12 months as production progresses. Our kits are designed to be fired by methylated spirits(alcohol) or in some cases coal.  Boilers are built and tested and come with a manufactures certificate.
By leaving out the steam mechanism; boiler, cylinders, valve gear, these kits can be built as an empty shell, by adding a motor, gearbox, batteries and controller, these can be run as electric powered locomotives.
The locos have been split into their current batches with what is available, select either section to find out more information.

UPDATED 21st November 2017




GWR KING               spirit fired               £2,694  100% complete

                                 coal fired                £2,866  sold out

GW  2-6-2  Prairie      spirit fired               £2,261   100% complete

GW Hall                    spirit fired               £2,564   100% complete

LMS Royal Scot    spirit                           £2,723  90% complete

LMS Royal Scot     coal                           £2,894  90% complete

NEW BATCH started 2017

Atlantic LBSC or GNR coal                      £2,683 pack 2 Jan 2018

Atlantic LBSC or GNR spirit                     £2,504 pack 2 Jan 2018

GW 47xx 2-8-0  spirit fired                        £2,586 pack 1 feb 2018

NEW DESIGN started November 2017

GW 42xx 2-8-0 tank spirit fired                  £2,295 pack 1  2018

GW 52xx 2-8-0 tank spirit fired                  £2,295 pack 1  2018

GW 72xx 2-8-2 tank spirit fired                  £2,487 pack 1  2018


May 2017-18           LMS 2P spirit fired    £1,634   Pack 3 Jan 2018

November 2016-17   GW 14xx tank          £1,185   complete Feb’18

April  2018-19           LNER J39 new design      £1,400

April   2018-19          LNER J38                        £1,330

April  2018-19             GNR J65 single cylinder    £1,030

GW Kings GER J65 LNER J38 GWR 51XX Prairie GWR Hall GWR Moguls GW 14XX