Manufactures of Gauge 1
Live Steam Locomotive Model kits
and accessories in 10mm scale

Director Mr S.Barrett     Company Reg No. 8391616


BARRETT ENGINEERING 1980 John Barrett started building ready to run steam locomotives in 1980 with a simple spirit fired GWR 54XX pannier tank.  Over the years the range of ‘Ready to run’ locomotives   has been continuously developed both in the technical design and the level of detail offered.


   This business was started along side his original business, with his son Steve as partner.  They produced a selection of etched brass kits for Locos, coaches, wagons and other trackside accessories.

BARRETT ENGINEERING IN 2010     Both business were amalgamated back into one business with the concentration being on model makers kits.  With  the introduction of starter kits the range has continued to grow.

We have built well over 350 ready to run locos covering more then 40 classes fired by coal, spirit or electric.  From these we have taken 19 designs and produced well over 700 advanced and starter Locomotive Steam kits, which have been shipped all over the world.


 With the retirement of John Barrett after 33 years, Steve Barrett has taken the business forward as a limited company, producing new designs of steam locomotive kits and ready to run models.  

 Manufacture of these kits is usually in small batches of a specific class or closely related classes, being produced over 12-18 months.   We are also building from kit production, those who wish to own a ‘ready to run’ Steam loco.  For more information follow the link below

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