Manufactures of Gauge 1
Live Steam Locomotive Model kits
and accessories in 10mm scale

Director Mr S.Barrett     Company Reg No. 8391616


When placing an order please contact Barrett Steam Models to confirm Price with Postage.

For all locomotives with monthly instalments a deposit will be asked for to reserve a kit.

We are not a shop and do not have a trade counter.  All visits to the workshop are arranged by appointment only.

Regrettably we can not accept orders from North America and Canada, due to restrictions placed on us for Product Liability cover by insurers.

Telephone No.:-   01922 685889  during office hours

Email:-                 info @

Post:-                  The Old Exchange,

                          47A Coronation Road



                          WS4 1BG



         The volume of work in the Gauge One hobby does not allow large stocks to be held.  Many costly items or brass etchings which dull with age, are therefore produced to order but are usually dispatched within 6-8 weeks.  Orders for components and kits other than locos, must be accompanied by payment in full, including postage and packing except where they are to be collected.

          In the event of cancellation by the customer the deposit is not returnable.  

The balance of payments for the Ready to run loco and kits will be requested as stage payments during there production.

For the kits  parts will be delivered every quarter.

          We reserve the right to make changes to our products and prices if and when they are required.